My grandmother was a very frugal woman who often told me “if you will mind your pennies your dollars will mind themselves.” I hope to share here some of her wisdom and the wisdom of others I have learned over the years

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hurray! You made it welcome to my new blog.  If you traveled over from “See the USA the MysteryShopping Way” welcome old friend.  If you just happened to stumble in, you are most welcome too! 

A little something about this blog and its writer.  I’m a 62 year old sahm/w.  I’m an organic gardener, home food preserver, wanna be writer, all and all tightwad. In my younger days I tended to spend far more than we brought in for my beloved trips and now am determined to be totally debt free within two years.  My family and I are following the plan set forth in Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” book.  We are having great success with it.

I learned a lot about cutting corners from my grandmother,  the woman responsible for the title of this blog as she often said “Mind your pennies your dollars will mind themselves.” I just strayed from the path she started me on for a few years, but I’m back home now, back to my frugal roots.  I would like to help you either get started into frugal living or to help you along your path if you are already pretty frugal.  I also hope to pick up tips from many of you in the comments section.

I’ll try to limit each entry to a certain subject, but because I was vaccinated with a phonograph needle at a very young age I am very likely to stray a bit now and again. 

To make this blog easier to navigate I have added links on the right hand side to my other blogs that will include recipes, how to’s and much more.  From time to time I might refer tyou to websites or blogs of other people that I have found helpful.  

If there is a subject that you would like to see covered please fill free to email me at to suggest it.

If you see an ad along the way that interests you please click on it, because—here’s my first disclaimer—I like, many other bloggers,  get paid a small amount a click when you look at the different ads.

So let’s get started on living “below our means”, as Dave Ramsey says. 

I was taught in school that a good article includes the five W’s and an H.  Those being Who, What, Why, Where, When and How.  So I will strive to hit those as I write.

Who of course is us, you and me.

What is “What can I do to get my budget under control”

Why is “Why pay ‘Stupid Tax’, as Dave Ramsey calls it.  Stupid tax is interest on any loan, late fees, higher prices and anything else that eats away at your income on a daily basis.

Where, is everywhere.  As time goes on I hope together we can cover all aspects of life and ways to cut corners so that we can all live like the royalty we truly are (this is a shameless plug for yet another blog by me “Patterson's Princess Plan” or how to stop being a slave to your home and finances and become the royalty you truly are. 

When, NOW, let’s get started right now, let’s not pay a single penny more Stupid Tax then we have to.

HOW?  That’s what the blog entries are all about.

Simple concept right?

Jan who is ready to get started and hopes you are too in OK

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